portrait WietekeWieteke Opmeer Design is a small one-woman business that stands for poetic sustainable eco friendly products and art projects that tickle your imagination.

After an education to become a florist, Wieteke studied Free Product Design at the Art Academy of Utrecht (NL). After her graduation Wieteke has been nominated for various talent prizes such as Bright Magazine class of 2008 and was nominated for the HKU graduation award with her collection ‘Seeds of Wonder’. She has participated in the Dutch Design week at the ‘Meesterlijk’ fair with her collection ‘Leaves Impression’. She also participated in numerous exhibitions in various museums and venues amongst wich, Modemuseum Hasselt (BE), Centraal Museum Utrecht (NL), World Fashion Centre Amsterdam (NL), Bread & Butter Berlin (DE), Mode Fabriek, RAI Amsterdam (NL). See her poetic designs

After the press attention, exhibitions and nominations Wieteke looked forward to spend time in nature again and to choose the path less traveled. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of nature and the materials found in nature, she designed smaller items all inspired on craft and natural beauty. You can find these items at Artisan Products. She now makes custom designs for individuals, handcrafted items sold directly across the globe through Etsy and sometimes she also sells wholesale to smaller shops. She makes drawings and illustrations and is busy developing her skills more and more to eventually be able to illustrate children’s books. Visit art & illustrations to see her artwork.

After having been designing sustainable and conceptual for more than 10 years, Wieteke has decided to share the knowledge and experienced she has gained during these years. She gives workshops and masterclasses in conceptual sustainable design as well as various practical crafts to students and individuals.

Next to this she was asked to design a commercial product line for De Witte Olifant, a place where people with (mental) disabilities are stimulated to develop themselves artistically. The product line is designed to reach a wider audience and create a positive view towards the artists and their talents and possibilities. You can find more about the product line at De Witte Olifant website.

Wieteke was also involved in a team designing a product line for the national (mental) disabilities care company Philadelphia. She designed for and worked together with a great team resulting in a versatile collection of commercial products for Philadelphia. More about the products at the website of Philadelphia

You can also find Wieteke at