After designing sustainable and conceptual for around 10 years, Wieteke decided to share the knowledge and experienced she has gained during these years. She gives workshops, masterclasses and started coaching in sustainable conceptual design.

Sustainable conceptual design

Explore (new) ways to deepen your conceptual and narrative sustainable design skills. Learn how to bring more ‘concept’ or ‘story’ in your design or artwork in a sustainable way. The many shades of conceptual design will be explained by various works of various artists and designers. The creative side of conceptual/narrative design is treated through practice in the form of exercises done during the masterclass, workshop or coaching session(s). Next to the creative side of design, sustainability in design and consumerism as a whole are also treated through examples and stories that are interesting as well as informative.



workshop at Hortus Botanicus Leiden

Workshops are touching the subject conceptual design en sustainability with room for a short practical exercise. Workshop sustainable conceptual design is very suitable for starting off the subject of sustainable design or giving a head start to think outside the box for a certain assignment or subject which your group, school or company is working on. Workshops usually take up 2 to 3 hours.                  

If you would like a workshop for your company, group or school, contact Wieteke through the form at the bottom of this page. Together you can determine what fits your needs best. Afterwards she can provide you with a accurate price of your ideal workshop.


art school students

art school students hard at work

A masterclass conceptual sustainable design goes deeper into the subject of sustainability and conceptual design. During a masterclass there is more room to practice how to design conceptual and it consists of a more in depth approach to the sustainable side of design and consumerism. A masterclass is perfect for creative individuals, designers, schools or companies that want to have a day of inspiration, knowledge and practice on the subject of sustainable conceptual design. A masterclass usually takes a day from 10.30 to 17.30 with a lunch break of an hour. There are a few masterclasses planned throughout the year you can find these masterclasses in agenda

If you would like a masterclass for your company, group or school, contact Wieteke through the form at the bottom of this page. Together you can determine what fits your needs best and she can provide you with a accurate price of your ideal masterclass.



coaching sustainable design

coaching is a tailored approach to the subject of a creative process, sustainability, and conceptual design. Coaching is a perfect match if you want more guidance as an individual or as a small group.  Because coaching is tailored to your wishes it is therefor the broadest medium. It can be applied to specific assignments where you or your team seem to be stuck and need advice how to get around the barrier. It can also be used to help think outside the box in a broader way and stimulate you or your teams creative process. It can also be used to create more awareness about sustainability and the possibilities to incorporate it into your company, (art/design)work or personal life. It is a perfect match for businesses, designers, artists or individuals that feel the need for a approach that suits their personal needs and wishes. Coaching can be done real-life, at a location of your choice or at my personal atelier space in The Hague in the Netherlands. Coaching can also be done through skype or other digital means, making it easily available to anyone around the globe.

Because Coaching is completely tailored to you, prices vary according to your wishes and needs. There are different rates for individuals, schools and companies. So to provide you with a accurate price for your tailored coaching, contact Wieteke through the form below