Jewelry set ‘PresentPast’

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Commissioned, custom designed and handmade jewelry set as a leave-taking present for the female manager director of the municipality of Almere. Using ancient black ancient oak wood that was submerged for thousands of years in a dutch swamp giving it its natural black color. Paired with young yellow Robinia Pseudo Acacia wood found in the city of Almere. And 925 silver to bring it all together.

Symbolics of the jewelry:

The city of Almere was build on top of ancient dry bedded land and is still an ever growing municipality. The yellow young Robinia Pseudo Acacia wood symbolizes a rising and growing sun. The ancient black wood symbolizes the history of the area.

The display is also custom made from exclusive gleditsia wood.

This Jewelry set was gifted in 2016 to Anja Grootoonk. Former manager director of the municipality of Almere.