Art notebook ‘KunstKaft’

Notebook series ‘KunstKaft, is a series of notebooks with a handmade real art cover and blank pages. made in collaboration with De Witte Olifant. The design for KunstKaft had it’s origin when i visited the archive of paintings made by people with (mental) disability’s at De Witte Olifant for the first time. Incredible amounts of paintings where there on the shelves. To many to be able to hang or use in the art exchange library. I felt it was such a shame no one had the joy of seeing all of these paintings. I wanted to design something that gave these paintings a new form so more people could daily enjoy a real piece of art. The paintings are selected with care from the abundance of works created at De Witte Olifant that otherwise stay in the archives. No single painting is the same, this makes every notebook different and unique. The brushstrokes can be felt and the colors are beautiful. The art covers are also constructed and put together at De Witte Olifant.
By making use of blank notebooks, these notebooks are suitable for different purposes. For notes in a meeting, sketches  and drawings and everything else you can think of. The notebooks are available in three different sizes, small, medium and large. With these different sizes there is a KunstKaft notebook for every taste and every budget.

The KunstKaft notebooks are for sale at De Witte Olifant.

The shop of Philadelphia zorg, Wijersstraat 1, Amersfoort

and various other shops throughout the country.