‘Leaves Impression’ Handdyed interior collection

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‘Leaves Impression’ is a collection eco-friendly pillows, blankets and scarves dyed using leaves of the plant eucalyptus. The collection consist of high quality organic wool velours, and wool etamine and organic and animal-friendly silk ( Antung silk).

A very interesting possibility of working with eucalyptus is to dye uniform color as well as dyeing patterns using the leaves in a process called eco-printing (a technique first introduced by India Flint), which reveals the exact print of the leaves used. Another interesting feature of dyeing with eucalyptus is the possibility to extract a large variety of colors and shades from one single dye bath. With as positive additional fact that the colors do not need to be fixated. The plant dye adheres itself very well to animal fibers such as silk and wool. This makes dyeing with eucalyptus very environmentally friendly.

Not only is the water and material consumption low, because of the absence of toxic additives in the dye bath the water used can be returned to nature without danger. The plant material left from the dye process can be composted. This makes this plant a versatile and environmentally friendly alternative to natural dyes to be fixed chemically.

This collection was presented at the Dutch Design Week and since has been in numerous exhibitions and has been sold in various locations throughout the Netherlands.