Poetry collection ‘PoëZiePost, 1 Stilte door bomen’

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Was responsible for the graphic design and was part of concept team of PoëZiePost, a special series of seven poetry collections, each with a different topic. It contains collected poems and illustrations created by artists with (mental) disabilities from De Witte Olifant in Almere. The theme of the first edition ‘stilte door bomen’ (translated: ‘Silence through trees’) about the perception of the (imaginary) landscape. Both the poems and the illustrations make this theme tangible.

The concept for PoëZiePost was conceived in collaboration with Kristien Sonnevijle. She guided the artists with (mental) disabilities to discover and develop their poetry writing potential.
Each issue of this series has a new visual language and theme.

The artists where asked to type their poems on an old typewriter to complement the unpolished poems. By letting the artist use a mechanical device rather than electronic medium to convert their poems to paper I wanted to show the ‘human’ element. Celebrating small mistakes, harder or softer pressing of the buttons, spacing etc.

I set out commissions to the artists to receive artwork, out of which i could compose the graphic design complementing the poetry. I asked artist Hendrik Frankena to create illustrations consisting out of just one line. I also asked artist Ralph Noort to create a large abstract watercolor painting.

Out of these elements i consisted the graphic design for this issue ‘stilte door bomen’ of PoëZiePost.

This edition is for sale at philadelphia webshop and at De Witte Olifant