Fashion performance ‘Staindress’

The Project “Staindress” is all about creating things that are interesting from simple materials, and most of all conveying that “mistakes” can make things more beautiful instead of ruining them.

The material of the dress is a high quality organic silk. Silk screened with a homemade PH value changing silk screening ink. Developed in my own studio using only environmentally friendly materials that are used in the food industry.

The white ink was silk screened by hand on the for this project tailored white organic silk dress. The print is barely visible in normal use. When the wearer of the dress spoils fruit, the silk screened pattern changes color revealing a hidden pattern. This process takes a few seconds to minutes to show.

To really understand and see the effect happening, a movie script was formed to complement the magical effect of the natural silk screening ink. The company “laid back productions” helped to realize this. The featured music was especially written by Jolle Roelofs for this short movie.

The dress and movie where on show at the exhibition of Fashion Clash in Maastricht in 2011